I recently had a major wardrobe clear out. Leaving me with 2 casual jumpers. One cream. One white. Neither very Wintery. Oops

I do wish I thought everything through a little more. As in at all….

So I spent almost every afternoon last week staring into my newly streamlined, tidy wardrobe looking for something warm to throw over my dress/ tee/ shirt. Alas I was a little too ruthless and the cupboard, in knitwear stakes was worringly bare.

Have I sufficiently justified my latest purchase yet?….. Good :)


Topshop to the rescue!

I did deliberate over this though as at £36 I think it’s pretty expensive. It’s described as a “grill knit”. Think waffle. Think loose knit. Substantial but light. Length wise it skims just below the bum, with the back being a hems length longer than the front.

It’s these things that make it perfect as it’ll transfer well into Spring/ Autumn adding the much needed warmth without the unnecessary bulk of a traditional Winter knit. The fact it’s the most sumptuous berry shade is just an added bonus :)


If you like it too you can buy it here

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4 Responses to Slouchy

  1. cliona says:

    Would love some insight into your pared down wardrobe if you fancy sharing, in dire need of a streamline myself.

  2. Lydia says:

    £36 is expensive but this is such a lovely colour and looks really comfy! I haven’t quite bought enough winter jumpers myself, probably too late now xx

    • arlene says:

      Yeah, if you can hold out and you might find you can pick something like this up in their seasonal reductions. It’s so bright and sunny here today but jumpers still a must. I think we get around one week a year in Northern Ireland where knitwear is not required!

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