Perfect Prints


Izabel Ethnic Print Dress – £24
Belt – Charity Shop £2
Tights – Primark Super Cosy
Boots – Topshop (Past Season)
Lipstick – Revlon Black Cherry ♥


This is currently my favourite style of dress. Loose flowy fabric, an undetermined print, mid thigh length and looks great with or without a belt.


Throw on some ankle boots or DM’s and denim jacket and you’ve got a casual but cute outfit. (It’d look a whole lot cuter if I had remembered to brush my hair ….. doh!)


Jacket – Levi via eBay


I kept my accessories simple. Just one necklace.

Remember mood rings? I’m probably showing my age here but I was a BIG fan. So tacky, so cool. When I spotted this “mood” cross necklace for £3.75 in Topshop I just couldn’t resist. I’ve been wearing it all weekend and getting insane delight from it’s ever changing hues.

It’s had mixed reactions from others …… haha!! I love it, that’s what counts ;)


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3 Responses to Perfect Prints

  1. I am still loving your hair colour! Considering trying Lush’s henna, seems like a good excuse to sit quietly for several hours in comfy clothes lol

    Amy x

    • arlene says:

      Thanks Amy, be sure to let me know if you do try it. I’m still not dyeing mine atm as trying to give it a rest but the greys are appearing and I won’t be able to get away with that forever so could be tempted by Henna myself! x

  2. Joanne Boyce says:

    This is a gorgeous dress on you Arlene such a great look with the tights and boots and love your plumy lipstick really suits you.xx

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