New In – Accessories

I don’t know about you guys but I for one have never been so relieved to see all the new Spring/ Summer stock coming into the shops. I am completely over Winter and then some.

River Island and New Look have excelled themselves. I was tempted by soooo many others things but tried to be somewhat sensible and this is what I ended up purchasing.

The hammered collars were £7 each which surprised me. Very reasonable and the addition of the leather lacing means they sit a lot nicer on the neck than the solid torque ones.

The Aztec style necklace caught my eye immediately in New Look because it looked very House of Harlow. A steal at £5.99.

The shell disc earrings from George at Asda were £2.50 and the colour looks fab against my new red barnet. They also come in a lovely bright purple or pink.

I was in dire need of some simple studs for everyday wear and I thought these New Look ones were cute and a total bargain at £4.99 for 6 pairs. Again the colours are a nice contrast against my barnet :)

These are my current favourite earrings, from River Island and they cost £10 *faints*. Seriously though, I personally think that’s pretty pricey for costume danglies but they are AMAZING on and have received numerous compliments already.

Finally I bought this stunning Missoni Snood from the gorgeous Diana’s blog sale. I am actually living in it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Btw if you have ickle feet (UK 3 ish) I highly recommend checking out the shoes she has for sale. Some seriously foxy footwear.

Anyway, that’s it on the accessory front for now. I have bought quite a few Spring/ Summer bits of clothing including a neon (yes, you did read that right) jacket. So I’ll pop a little post up on those things shortly. That way if you like what you see you have a chance of finding it online/ instore, rather than waiting until I show the things in an OOTD, MONTHS from now when they’re likely all sold out.

Have a good one peeps xo

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6 Responses to New In – Accessories

  1. @tsunimee says:

    omg, this scarf is divine!!
    liloo xx

    • dress_junkie says:

      Isn't it?! Totally in love and cursing this little heatwave. How dare the weather improve so dramatically just as we were getting to know each other ;) xx

  2. The Pampered Sparrow says:

    Loving the aztec necklace!
    I cannot get over how red you got your hair! I love it because it's so bright, rather than the sort of burgundy/maroon colour you see a lot of! Did you struggle at first knowing what colour clothes to wear?! That always happens to me if I change my hair colour!
    By the way, are you on Hello cotton? I'm following you now on Bloglovin because of the gfc binning non blogspot blogs (?) in their feed!
    Sorry for the long comment, just felt like I needed a "catch up" with you!! ;D xx

    • dress_junkie says:

      Yay! Love long comments :) I haven't struggled so far, if anything a lot of my colour block clothes look better than before. Oh and I suit purple now which I never did. WEIRD!
      The only thing I really can't wear is bright pink, I mean obviously I COULD but I'd look like a crazy person.
      What is this Hello Cotton you speak of?! I will have to investigate and join. Eagerly awaiting delivery of my SMASH Folio, trés trés excited :) xx

  3. Karen Q says:

    Lovin the collars and that snood is amaze!!!
    I think the world needs to see that Zara neon jacket from Saturday, plus a rundown on the high tops obsession is totes necessary!!

    • dress_junkie says:

      Neon jacket pics coming soon. Still utterly confused about the high tops, why didn't those ones suit me *sulky face*
      Keep you eyes peeled for the multi coloured ones, spoke to girl in River Island when I was returning the black ones and she said they are due online this very week!!! xo

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