Snug as a bug


Leather Jacket – Michael Kors via TK Maxx
Lace Trim Vest (Just seen) – Only Hearts
Camel Stripe Cardy (Just seen) – Zara Basic (Past Season)
Bodycon Skirt – H&M £3.99
Footless Tights – Primark Super Cosy
Boots – Topshop Ambush £75
Scarf – Tesco £8

Today’s outfit is ALL about the scarf. The OH-SO-AMAZEBALLS scarf. Can you tell I love it?

I first spotted it in the promo pics dotted around my local Tesco branch. However every rummage in their accessories section proved fruitless. They never seemed to stock the scarf. Major suckage.

Thankfully it was in stock online (although the internet pictures are awful) and I avoided my pet peeve of postage charges by having it sent to my local branch. A very painless process which I can highly recommend! The scarf itself is soooo super cosy and extremely well timed as the temperature has taken a major nose dive here. It’s also only £8 and nowadays I feel that really is a bargain for something so cute.

So….. how was your weekend? Mine was good until about 10pm on Saturday night when a motorist FAILED TO SEE ME (SAY WAT?!) and ploughed into the side of my gorgeous Brum. Not a good experience. On the up side though, nobody was seriously hurt and they were properly insured.

I dropped Brum off to the garage this morning for repair. It’s going to take 6 days! Eek! Very glad I’m not on the receiving end of that bill!



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12 Responses to Snug as a bug

  1. I share the scarf love – lush lush lush!

    However, you promised me hair pics – covering it with a hat is cheating! lol The front teaser pieces look super pretty though :o )

    Amy x

  2. The Pampered Sparrow says:

    N'awwww! Look at Dolly!! She's sooooooo fluffy, I want to squeeeeeeze her :D
    That scarf is GORGEOUS. I have loads of scarves but there is room for one more, especially at that price!
    Jeeez, Your car is BRIGHT red, how could you not be seen??? Like you say though, main thing is no one seriously hurt :) (except the car) :( xx

    • dress_junkie says:

      She's such a wee fur ball. Best thing I ever did was to get another dog. Teddy and her have some wild craic together :)
      Get the scarf! It's a total winner, although you might want to give it a quick tumble before wear as it does transfer fluff everywhere lolz xoxox

  3. Lauren says:

    Sorry about your car – eek. You look lovely, I especially like the scarf xx

  4. Petra says:

    What can I say? bummer about the car but my attention was captured by your tiny fur ball.. You look good, Lady!

  5. Actionmags says:

    Sorry about your car it must have been wearing an invisibility cloak at the time.. I love your Michael kors jacket was it pricy ??? Puppy is adorable

    • dress_junkie says:

      I know! I found it mental when they said they just "didn't see me". I have tbh I don't think I'd have admitted to that. Scary if I think about it too much….
      The jacket was £99 a few weeks back. I thought that wasn't bad considering the quality. They had quite a number of different designs in it, all of them lovely xx

  6. Katy says:

    Oh look at you – gorgeous as ever…that scarf is so nice. Such a shame about your car – hope your aches and pains are feeling much better now. x

    • dress_junkie says:

      Aww thanks chum, I'm feeling tip top now. A bit jumpy as a passenger (which as you can imagine is so fun for Matt…. NOT) but bound to be eh! xx

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